After achieving her studies
at Sudio Berçot, Hélène Zubeldia
joins CHLOÉ where she gets a taste
of eastern luxury by designing
evening dresses for her customers
from the Middle-East.

She then acquires her know-how
and learns luxury culture at LANVIN.

She also collaborates with Vanessa Bruno for the creation of the collection. In 1997, Hélène Zubeldia leaves a mark with her first collection.

Now and since 2003,
Hélène Zubeldia dedicates her
collection to accessories.

Allure remains at the centerpoint
of Hélène Zubeldia's creations, which are an answer to desire rather than a need for functionality.

She creates a duality by associating very sophisticated crystals with large resin bracelets with pure lines.
Both sober and sophisticated, the purity
of the forms and lines of her work emphasizes the female

Thanks To photo PE17
Photographer: Juliette Allix